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Chase Plastics announces groundbreaking at site of new distribution center

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· Continued growth drives need for additional capacity and capabilities

· Jobs at South Bend facility to increase 108 percent by 2025

· Expanded dock capacity increases efficiency of same-day shipments

CLARKSTON, Michigan, May 6, 2015 — Chase Plastics, a leading stocking distributor of more than 6,400 specialty, engineering and commodity thermoplastics, announced today that groundbreaking for its new North America centralized distribution center in South Bend, Indiana, will commence on May 15, 2015, following a groundbreaking ceremony on May 13, 2015, at 8:30 a.m. EST. Construction of the new 125,000-square-foot facility, which is projected to be fully operational by December 2015, will begin in June. The new facility will be located at 5245 Dylan Drive in South Bend, Indiana.

The company’s new South Bend facility will feature expanded bulk storage space, doubling of loading dock capacity with enhanced safety along with broader packaging and storage capabilities. The new facility will also have additional technological capabilities by incorporating wireless warehousing for the first time using a high-speed fiber-optic infrastructure that provides lightning-fast data transfer with virtually unlimited bandwidth. These added capabilities, the breadth of carrier terminals in the area and Chase’s desire to keep its existing team of plastics professionals propelled the company’s decision to stay and build in South Bend.

In addition to adding square footage and technological capabilities to better serve its customers’ needs, Chase Plastics plans to add an additional 13 jobs to its South Bend location by 2025 – a 108 percent increase.

“Expanding our distribution operation in South Bend will allow us to continue to enhance our ability to provide outrageous service and the latest shipping cut-off times available while ensuring next-day delivery to our customers,” said Bob Hoff, business process manager, Chase Plastics. “Through this strategic location and the dedication of our team members – the industry’s most insightful supply chain experts – Chase Plastics is well-positioned for continued growth and achieving our collective goal of doubling total revenue between 2013 and 2020.”

Chase Plastics is proud to partner with the following in the building of the new warehouse: Abonmarche Consultants, Inc. (civil engineering), Creative Design Solutions, Inc. (architecture), Holladay Construction (building) and Comerica Bank (financing).

THERMOLAST® K is the Solution to a Sticky Problem

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KRAIBURG TPE has partnered with Chase Plastics, a thermoplastic distributor and Innotech Precision Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision plastic components to create a solution for the automotive manufacturing industry.

KRAIBURG TPE was presented with a unique opportunity when it’s distribution partner Chase Plastics, one of the leading North American full-service specialty engineered thermoplastic distributors, approached it with a complex problem that required a creative solution.

Chase Plastics was working with Innotech Precision, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision plastic components, on an automotive A-pillar window application for a prestigious US based OEM. Innotech was seeking a thermoplastic elastomer for its second shot soft-touch plastic that would adhere to two key hard substrates – ASA & PC/ABS. The manufacturer had previously trialed three different kinds of TPE brands and none were able to fulfill the application requirements. The materials displayed issues from processing, where it would stick to the mold cavity to adhesion difficulties where the compounds would not bond to the harder substrates. Already in February 2014 and start of production quickly approaching the following month, both Innotech and Chase needed a rather rapid and effective solution. Innotech – Chase Plastics

The solution became a KRAIBURG TPE material from their THERMOLAST® K portfolio series that is optimal for adhesion and exterior automotive applications. This particular grade exhibited superior chemical bonding and higher ease of processing than any other material trialed thus far. These TPE materials are based on hydrogenated block copolymers and are components of virtually all end-product market segments, such as: Consumer, Industrial and of course Automotive. In addition to their excellent ASA & PC/ABS bonding capabilities, they also feature outstanding sealing and non-slip properties as well as bonding to other engineered plastics like: PC, PMMA, POM and PA.

At last success was achieved and the THERMOLAST® K material is now utilized as the soft touch element in the A-pillar window for over 250,000 vehicle models. Production is expected to run for five years. This is yet another example of the benefits of KRAIBURG TPE’s expertise in the field of TPE’s and their processing. They consistently support their partners and customers with their know-how gained through their vast years of experience.

About Chase Plastics
Founded in 1992, Chase Plastics is a leading North American full-service specialty engineering thermoplastic distributor serving plastic processors throughout North and Central America. Chase has redefined thermoplastic distribution by delivering an unlimited combination of specialty, engineering and commodity thermoplastics to its customers and focusing on unparalleled service that includes engineering and technical support, application development expertise, and unmatched industry know-how.

KRAIBURG TPE ( is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft, elastic thermoplastic elastomers. In addition to custom solutions, under the THERMOLAST® brand the company offers a broad spectrum of standardized compounds covering a wide range of applications. With its high-performance HIPEX® compound, KRAIBURG TPE is opening up the world of rubber for all thermoplastics processing companies and with the new compounds COPEC® and For-Tec E is entering new dimensions in terms of haptics, adhesion and resistance for consumer electronics products.
KRAIBURG TPE has production sites in Germany, USA and Malaysia. The sales organization covers France, Italy, Poland, Spain, China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil and Mexico. In further countries KRAIBURG TPE is represented by distributors.