A greener tomorrow

Every day, we strive to reduce the impact our internal operations have on the environment. We achieve this through sustainable business practices, including our in-house recycling program, using recycled materials and reducing energy consumption through innovative lighting, water and HVAC solutions in both of our locations. In addition, we have implemented source reduction initiatives, including converting to a paperless work environment, to leave a smaller foot print on the world.

In 2016, Chase Plastics began implementation of the Operation Clean Sweep® program of best management practices to reduce accidental pellet, flake and powder loss in our South Bend warehouse and facility. We continuously pursue and implement initiatives and processes that help foster sustainability and reduce waste.

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As one of the leaders in the plastics industry, we have a tremendous responsibility not just to engage in sustainable practices, but to set standards and act as champions and influencers so that others will follow our lead. It’s up to us to protect our natural resources and make an impact.
Kevin Chase, president

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