Outrageous service
day one

At Chase Plastics, we’re real people providing real solutions. It’s something we’ve been doing since 1992, when Kevin and Carole Chase independently set out with nothing more than $2,500 in their pocket and a Detroit-bred work ethic. Their goal then – and now – was to do what big distributors would not: provide quality specialty, engineering and commodity thermoplastics for small- to medium-sized applications – and back it up with outrageous customer service. Today, customer service is more than a value, it’s instilled in our DNA, and it’s inherent in everything we do. Just like the day we started, we’re committed to providing you:

  • Real solutions that aren’t delayed by red tape or inaction
  • A partnership based on a genuine understanding of your business and your goals
  • The tools and resources to help you succeed and thrive

Our core purpose: our customers

Outrageous service: it’s unheard of and rare in our industry – but it’s what we pride ourselves on and it’s the center of our Core Values. From real people answering the phone when you call to real engineers providing expertise on your floor when you’re down, we’re here to help you succeed. We’re beholden to our Core Values that promote high expectations, independence, teamwork, execution, and character. Through these, you can expect accountability not only for our performance, but from the performance of our valued suppliers, so that you’re receiving quality products when and where you need them, every time you place an order.

Our pillars of service. Your foundation for success.

Real Responsiveness

We understand that your ability to quickly and efficiently quote and manufacture applications is key to gaining a competitive edge. Our sales team is empowered to make pricing decisions without corporate approval to allow them to respond with speed and a sense of urgency. We focus all of our resources on helping your business reach new heights.

  • Quickest written responses to quote requests in the industry
  • 2-hour callback commitment
  • Same-day shipping for in-stock materials
  • Global supply and distribution network with 32 strategically located warehouses throughout North America
  • An empowered sales team able to make pricing decisions without corporate approval
  • Chase Plastics de Mexico with centralized warehouses in Querétaro, Monterrey and Juárez

Real Insight

From the moment you choose Chase as your partner, you’re supported not only by a technically-skilled sales team, but technical insight through our dedicated technical engineering team as well. We can simplify the most complex material selection and application development processes, and guide you toward streamlined manufacturing processes and improved efficiency.

Real Flexibility

With the industry’s broadest product line featuring more than 35,000 specialty, engineering and commodity thermoplastics, we distribute materials directly from our strategically located warehouses, allowing us to tailor our shipping schedule and value-added service offerings to your unique needs. By double- and triple-sourcing materials, we’re able to offer alternative solutions during industry fluctuations to keep your manufacturing processes running on-time and on budget. We also offer a full line of value-added services comprehensive enough to meet the unique needs of our customers:

  • Double- and triple-sourced materials
  • Materials in stock, ready to be delivered
  • Low minimum order size
  • Blending and repacking services; custom labeling
  • Core, general and custom stocking programs, including blanket orders, consignment, etc.
  • Bilingual account managers, technical service, customer service, credit and logistics representatives

Real Dedication

When you become a Chase Plastics customer, you’re backed by an award-winning team. Empowered with extraordinary capabilities and state-of-the-art tools, our dedicated account teams – comprising sales, customer service, credit, engineering and supply chain management professionals – are assigned to each customer from day one to ensure you’re supported by specialists throughout the value chain.

  • Privately owned and operated by the original 1992 founders, Kevin and Carole Chase
  • A knowledgeable dedicated account manager in your area
  • Continuous evaluation and expansion of our supplier base and warehouse network
  • Net Promoter Score = 95%
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating = 97%
  • Commitment to partnership through an in-depth understanding of our customers’ evolving businesses, processes, and products

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A culture of success

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