3D Printing Processes and Materials

3D printing helps manufacturers reduce time and costs while increasing efficiency. Chase Plastics will help you navigate the process of additive manufacturing with the tools, resources and suppliers to help you thrive. As a stocking distributor with several options, our trusted experts simplify and guide you through the most complex 3D printing material selection processes to provide more design freedom and efficiency at your target cost.

The Benefits of 3D Printing

  • 3D printing with FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) is low cost vs. machining
  • Creative designs unlock possibilities not available with machining
  • Optimized tooling enables more efficient operations
  • 3D printing runs in a lights-out environment
  • Engineers and staff are energized about the possibilities of 3D printing
  • Companies with 3D printing capabilities attract skilled designers and engineers

The Impact on Industries

In 2019, more than 50% of manufacturers were using 3D printing for producing production parts, compared to 4% in 2012. We’ve even had teams save over 80% on their tooling and fixturing costs using additive manufacturing.

The Technology:

FFF = Fused Filament Fabrication

SLS = Selective Laser Sintering

SLA = Stereolithography

CLIP = Continuous Liquid Interface Production (proprietary)


Our 3D Printing Suppliers


3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, allows manufacturers and molders to create three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. This process allows manufacturers to easily reduce time and dollars spent while increasing efficiency in many areas of their business. Chase Plastics has partnered with world-class manufacturers providing customers with the broadest selection of filaments and powder materials for 3D printing (additive manufacturing).

More companies utilize 3D printing because of its speed, efficiency, costs and impact on the environment. Applications include:

  • Research and Development
  • Bridge Production
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Jigs, Fixtures and Tooling


80% faster turnaround than machined tooling when using outsourced vendor


  • A natural fit for 5S nesting and fixturing
  • Make manual processes more efficient
  • Operators and technicians provide direct input on improvements


80% lower cost than traditional machining


  • Health and safety support
  • Improved employee health and safety
  • Lighter weight fixtures
  • The ability to quickly address issues


Better utilization of limited tool room resources


Improved efficiency through scrap reductions

  • Less scratch and mar than metals
  • Better fit in fixtures
  • Lighter weight
  • Quickly iterate tooling designs to have optimal tooling for better production

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