A collaborative partnership

SABIC’s Specialties business has named Chase Plastics as an authorized distributor in North America – a partnership based on a genuine understanding of business and goals.


“Because we view our distributors as extensions of our commercial teams, SABIC’s Specialties business sets a very high standard when selecting distribution partners. We have every confidence that Chase Plastics…will bring added value to SABIC’s Specialties business customers,”  said Cathie Hess, director, Customer Fulfillment, SABIC’s Specialties business.

Through this partnership, SABIC’s Specialties business plans to enhance the level of service to its customers through the responsiveness, flexibility, dedication and insight that Chase Plastics is renowned for throughout the industry. With increased access to skilled technical professionals with vast expertise in specialty engineering thermoplastics, you can expect a simplified process and improved efficiency.

As an authorized distributor, Chase Plastics offers SABIC’s Specialties business’ complete portfolio of specialty materials including:

  • NORYLTM resins
  • ULTEMTM resins
  • LNPTM compounds
  • LEXANTM copolymers

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Real solutions. Real LEXAN™ XHT copolymers from SABIC’s Specialties business.

LEXAN™ XHT copolymers are high heat polycarbonates that provide unmatched high temperature performance coupled with excellent processability and the highest retention of clarity and color stability when exposed to elevated temperatures.

The LEXAN™ XHT copolymers portfolio offers:

  • Grades ranging in heat performance
  • Melt flows without loss of clarity, color stability or processability 

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Our team is ready to assist in selecting the proper LEXAN™ XHT copolymer grade to match the HDT and MVR requirements of each application.

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Automotive plastics for high temperature performance

Parts such as lenses, reflectors and bezels for automotive lighting assemblies require the elevated heat performance that LEXAN™ XHT copolymers were designed to offer, including:

  • Improved dimensional stability and outgassing over PBT
  • Better heat performance over standard PC



The available high flow grades of LEXAN™ XHT copolymers offer:

  • The capability of thin wall molding for complex part design and lightweighting
  • Ability to utilize lower injection pressures and lower processing temperatures for overall energy savings
  • Maintain excellent haze onset temperatures compared to competitive high heat polycarbonates, but with improved flowability

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Outrageous service

As a top-ten North American specialty engineering and thermoplastics distributor, Chase Plastics prides itself in working alongside customers with outrageous service and a technically-skilled team, all of whom guide the process from material selection, to manufacturing and troubleshooting.

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