Chase Plastics launches Sustainable Product Line Card

Clarkston, Mich. (April 29, 2024) — Chase Plastics, a leading North American distributor of specialty, engineering, and commodity thermoplastics, proudly announces the launch of its Sustainable Product Line Card, showcasing its commitment to environmental stewardship and meeting the evolving needs of their customers. The announcement comes ahead of the highly anticipated 2024 NPE trade show in Orlando, Florida, where Chase Plastics will highlight its sustainable product offerings within their exhibit.

The newly released Sustainable Product Line card features a comprehensive array of circular solutions from various global and domestic suppliers on the cutting edge of sustainable plastics. It includes Chase Plastics’ own CP PRYME® ECO thermoplastic resins. In August 2023, Chase Plastics announced the expansion of its CP PRYME® product line to include CP PRYME® ECO thermoplastic resins. “We are thrilled to introduce our Sustainable Product Line Card, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and innovation. In partnership with various domestic and global suppliers, we offer a diverse range of thermoplastic offerings crafted with recycled content or bio-based materials,” said Chase Plastics’ President Adam Paulson. “We hope to serve as a consolidated resource to provide environmentally friendly solutions to applications across numerous markets, supporting our customers’ growing desire to drive sustainability initiatives.”

Sustainable business practices are nothing new to Chase Plastics. In addition to product development, Chase Plastics is further elevating its service offerings to support sustainability initiatives. Paulson elaborated, “We have taken significant strides towards sustainability, including the creation of a dedicated Sustainability Specialist role within our team. This individual will spearhead our sustainability efforts, including carbon footprint reduction, and

pursue the prestigious ISCC+ certification to meet the escalating demands for sustainable materials throughout the supply chain.”

For years, Chase Plastics has implemented in-house recycling programs, used recycled materials, and reduced energy consumption in their facilities with resource-efficient lighting, water, and HVAC solutions. They have also applied source reduction initiatives, such as a paperless work environment and fleet management software, to reduce their environmental impact and leave a smaller carbon footprint. In 2016, Chase Plastics began the implementation of Operation Clean Sweep®, a program of best management practices to reduce accidental pellet, flake, and powder loss in their South Bend warehouse facility. In 2021, they joined Operation Clean Sweep® Blue to enhance their commitment to managing, measuring, and reporting unrecovered plastic releases into the environment. To date, they have had zero reported incidents.

To learn more about Chase Plastics’ sustainability initiatives and to download their Sustainable Product Line Card, visit:

About Chase Plastics

Chase Plastic Services, Inc., is a stocking distributor with a portfolio that offers more than 35,000 varieties of specialty, engineering, and commodity thermoplastics from the industry’s leading manufacturers and global suppliers. As a top-ten North American specialty and engineering plastics distributor, Chase Plastics is committed to helping their customers turn resin into reality by Redefining Resin Distribution.®

The Company, formed in 1992, provides customers with an industry-leading portfolio of value-added services delivered by skilled sales professionals and dedicated teams of technical process engineers, market development engineers, and more – all of whom guide the material selection, application development, and manufacturing processes. The Company’s unmatched level of dedicated support, together with blending, repacking, inventory management, and logistics services via a network of distribution and sales locations throughout North America, is singularly focused on helping customers boost efficiencies and profitability.

Based in Clarkston, Michigan, Chase Plastics was founded by Kevin and Carole Chase, who serve as the Company’s CEO and Vice President, respectively.