Chase Plastics Growth Defies Industry Trends: Customer-focused culture and operations spur sustained expansion

  • Chase Plastics has recently hired 21 sales and administrative staff to support its growing customer base.
  • With the June launch of Prophet 21, an enterprise software solution for wholesale distributors, Chase Plastics will provide customers with improved communication tools, real-time information, enhanced customer value and faster response time.

CLARKSTON, Mich., Jun. 6, 2011 – Chase Plastics, a leading North American distributor of engineered, specialty and commodity thermoplastics, is on a hiring spree thanks to the company’s sustained growth during the last two years. Despite volatility in resin supplies and pricing, and an industry marked by distributor consolidations and closings, Chase Plastics is stronger and more competitive than ever.

“The downturn in 2008 forced us to take an objective look at what Chase Plastics was, and what it would be going forward,” said Kevin Chase, president and founder of Chase Plastics. “We determined that we wanted to focus 100 percent on our key strength: distribution. Our passion has always been to deliver unmatched customer service and value to plastic processors throughout North America. Now, we’ve realigned all of our business operations in that direction. And it’s paid off.”

Since its launch in 1992, Chase Plastics has relied on a unique strategy of working with independent national and global resin makers rather than the largest mega suppliers. The idea is to collaborate with companies that have attributes and qualities similar to Chase Plastics. Namely, that the customer is king and relationships and value-added services, not pricing, build successful businesses. Chase has applied that same strategy to growing its customer base.

Rather than compete for the biggest projects, which were getting directly sourced from the industry’s largest resin manufacturers, Chase chose to work the specialty niche, a sector often ignored by competitors.

With the goal of delivering superior service, Chase established a central warehouse to efficiently stock and fulfill orders of any size. Next, it began offering blending and repackaging services, and storing and logistics capabilities. Combined, these steps helped the company achieve operational independence and the flexibility to redefine thermoplastic distribution.

“Chase’s plan to go after plastics processors with medium-to-small applications was built on the idea of independence and the freedom to do what’s best for our customers and our company.  Since the beginning, independence has been a fundamental core value integrated into our culture and driving our ‘outrageous’ service,” said Chase.

Now, in addition to bringing on new team members, Chase Plastics is implementing a customized software solution that will streamline inventory management and allow materials ordering to take place in “real” time.

“Chase is combining its traditional business values, such as accountability and ethical practices, with accelerated technology, like the Prophet 21 enterprise solution, which allows us to be even more flexible in meeting customer needs while keeping our costs in line,” said Chase.

Once the new software launches in June, the company’s sales staff, a mixture of mechanical, chemical and plastics engineers, will be able to:

  • Provide accurate, real-time inventory status
  • Enhance communication with customers and staff
  • Improve order processing efficiency and response time
  • Provide customers with improved supply chain management strategies to better serve their needs
  • Dedicate more time to customers by spending less time on administrative tasks

In phase two of its enterprise upgrade, will offer customers the ability to access invoices, transactions and order statuses, which keeps them involved and informed throughout the entire order process.

“Chase Plastics’ growth, especially in the last two years, is the result of dedicated leadership and a team of employees 100 percent behind our customer-focused business approach. With our aggressive pursuit of continuous improvement, we anticipate further growth and success,” said Chase.

About Chase Plastics

Chase Plastics distributes more than 5,400 varieties of specialty, engineering and commodity thermoplastics from the industry’s leading manufacturers and global suppliers. In addition, Chase delivers engineering expertise and blending, repacking, inventory management, third-party storage capabilities and logistics services via a network of distribution centers, warehouses and sales locations throughout North and Central America.

Chase Plastics is redefining plastics distribution with an approach to business that puts customer needs first.  Formed in 1992, Chase Plastics has built its business on the ability to respond quickly with all of the flexibility and agility that its customers require.  Based in Clarkston, Mich., Chase Plastics was founded by Kevin and Carole Chase who serve as the company’s president and vice president, respectively.  Learn more at