Our purpose and core ideology

At Chase Plastics, our approach to Redefining Resin Distribution is rooted in a culture of excellence and entrepreneurship, and in providing service so “outrageous,” our customers can’t help but talk about it.

Our purpose is to provide world-class service to our valued customers and suppliers, and our core values, which guide our team’s business decisions and practices each day, reflect our team’s dedication to that purpose.

More urgency

We understand that your ability to quickly and efficiently quote and manufacture applications is the key to gaining a competitive edge. That’s why when you call us, we respond with speed and a sense of urgency. We focus all of our resources on helping your business reach new heights:

  • Quickest written responses to quotes in the industry
  • 99.2 percent on-time delivery; next-day delivery
  • Sales team empowered to make pricing decisions without corporate approval
  • Guaranteed callback within two hours


More perspective

From the moment you choose Chase as your distribution partner, you’re supported not only by a sales team with engineering backgrounds but technical service and application development engineers as well. We can simplify even the most complex material selection and application development processes, and guide you across a variety of market segments toward streamlined manufacturing processes and improved efficiency.

You also receive the logistical support of state-of-the-art inventory and supply chain management software that helps ensure your materials are in stock, ready to be delivered whenever and wherever you need them.

More flexibility

We distribute materials directly from our strategically located warehouses, allowing us to tailor our shipping schedule and value-added service offerings to your unique needs.

By double- and triple-sourcing materials, we’re able to recommend quality solutions that help our customers manufacture superior applications at a cost-effective price point.

Our unmatched product line allows us to offer endless material combinations from leading domestic and global suppliers.

— Kevin Chase, president

We also offer a full line of value-added services comprehensive enough to meet the unique needs of our customers:

  • No minimum order size
  • Blending and repacking services
  • Core, general and custom stocking programs, including blanket orders, consignment, etc.
  • Custom labeling

More commitment

To help you become faster, more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable, we assign dedicated account teams – comprising sales, technical service, application development, customer service, credit and supply chain management professionals – from day one to ensure you’re supported by specialists throughout the value chain.

At Chase, we know our customers, their businesses and their market segments; it’s this familiarity and our team’s shared core values that instill a sense of confidence in the more than 2,700 North American processors that partner with us. Through this confidence, you’re able to spend less time focusing on logistics and administrative tasks, and more time focusing on what matters most to you: growing your company’s profitability.

Contact us to learn more about how Team Chase can help you exceed your business goals!

Sustainability Initiative

Chase Plastics’ strives to reduce the impact our internal operations have on the environment. We achieve this through sustainable business practices, including our in-house recycling program, using recycled materials and reducing energy consumption through innovative lighting, water and HVAC solutions in both of our locations. In addition, we have implemented source reduction initiatives, including going to a paperless office, to leave a smaller footprint on the world. In 2016, Chase Plastics began implementation of the Operation Clean Sweep® program of best management practices to reduce accidental pellet, flake and powder loss in our South Bend warehouse and facility. We continuously pursue and implement initiatives and processes that help foster sustainability and reduce waste.

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